perjantai 9. maaliskuuta 2012


The scenegraph.. provides a common relational structure, to present blobs of things that move,scale, rotate and do other things together, as whole. When an entity wants to take a ride on a car, the entity is put as the vehicles child node, meaning that the entity now exists in the vehicle space and the vehicle exists in the world space, so any change to vehicles world space coordinates, affects the entity too.
The scenegraph is made of nodes, and the nodes, in Bolt will be made of Matrix4x4, the node can have all sorts of properties, camera, audio, image, shaders etc. from these we can derive the stuff that we actually do.. Inheriting the node and creating a camera node? nah, just attach camera property to the entity that the node is representing and done.. This way any and every entity can act as a camera, giving options and freedoms for creativity  and
nodes, create scenegraph, have child/parent reletations, contain spatialdata of Matrix4x4 for location and orientation.. maybe also matrix to denote acceleration/speeds..
colormodifications? no, for now pure scenegrap, to denote 3 dimensional relations.
What else? containing script nodes? entities? the physics? or should the physics be put on totally different abstraction level?
The entity system can probably encapsulate anything.. tight integration of the physics and the scenegraph?..

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