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Mop; Tools/Tooling

this is a post, I will update, while proceeding and creating tools/tooling.


MOP uses flatbuffers for file-format serialization, fbs files define enumerations, structures, flags, almost everything. Usually Python and C++ sources are generated from the fbs files. is used to visualise the connections of the structures and files; to explain how everything forms coherent mesh/scene/animation/resource presentation.


MOP has python scripts to generate/view mop files.

pyconvert is a collection of scripts to convert gltf files to mop binaries, or list the contents of mop binaries.


  • git repo master should be used to compile flatbuffers flatc, the binaries provided by internets are old and incompatible, with some fbs definitions.
  • python has its quirks, but once it starts working, it seems usable.
  • fbs files needs to define if a structure can be a root structure.
  • fbs files can also define file endings, which is a bit curious thing.
  • flatbuffers is probably not meant for python, the usage patterns are really cumbersome. 

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